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How does RunSocial track my speed?

RunSocial can track you in a number of ways. No special hardware is required although we do have hardware tracking solutions. Currently, there are three ways your speed can be adjusted in the app:

  1. Control your RunSocial speed manually swiping the video screen side to side.
  2. RunSocial has developed the TreadTracker, a unique treadmill sensor that accurately measures the speed of any treadmill. You just put it on the floor underneath the treadmill and the TreadTracker will measure and stream your speed in real time to the RunSocial app via Bluetooth. TreadTracker FAQ »
  3. RunSocial can connect directly via Bluetooth to a number of high quality manufacturers including Life Fitness (Discover and Track Connect consoles), Landice (all treadmills with Cardio or Executive consoles), Nautilus (T616, E616, T618 & E618 models) and Woodway (4Front). Life Fitness Track+ consoles can connect via the inbuilt connector.

How do I see it?

You can see it on your mobile device – the iPad screen looks great. If you want a bigger screen experience, the RunSocial app is specially built for it. See here for more info »

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