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Cool features we offer

Track your speed

TreadTracker, connect direct to leading treadmill brands or manual control. Learn More »

View on the big screen

Want a bigger image? RunSocial is made for it and looks awesome. Learn More »

Run with friends

RunSocial has got a bunch of cool features for social running. Learn More »

RunSocial GPS for outside

Try our unique outdoor app for live social running. Learn More »
Track your speed

RunSocial can track and adjust your input speed in a variety of ways.

1. TreadTracker

TreadTracker is the most accurate treadmill tracking accessory you can buy.
It streams accurate, real-time speed data to your Apple or Android device and works with any treadmill.

  1. Turn on TreadTracker
  2. Place under Treadmill
  3. Choose TreadTracker in RunSocial
  4. Connect to signal (which you can customize) Bluetooth light:
       » If it's glows constant, GREAT! - it's connected.
       » If it's flashing - it's trying to connect.
How-To Video For more info and to buy »

2. Connect direct to Treadmills

RunSocial is proud to directly connects to treadmills from Life Fitness, Nautilus, Landice, Star Trac and Woodway.

With bluetooth “On” in your Apple or Android device, select "Treadmill connect" in the RunSocial app Speed Tracking menu. Then, if you are using any of the following treadmills, simply tap on the treadmill’s bluetooth signal to connect:

  • Nautilus T616, E616, T618 and E618 treadmills
  • Landice treadmills with Cardio or Executive Control Panels
  • Woodway 4Front
  • Life Fitness Track Connect
  • Star Trac 8-TRx and 8-TR

If you are using Life Fitness’ Discover series tap on "Connect with QR code" and point your device camera at the Life Fitness QR code (see video for demo). You can also connect with Life Fitness’ inbuilt connector on the Discover and Track+ consoles.

All models above provide direct speed connectivity.

For Life Fitness and Landice, RunSocial can also control the treadmill incline if the video route has incline data. You can turn this off.

How-To Video

3. Connect to wearable sensors

RunSocial on Apple devices can also connect to wearable tracking sensors that send "RSC" run data using Bluetooth Smart (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE).

RSC is a Bluetooth standard for "Running Speed and Cadence" data. Examples include Polar's Stride Sensor Bluetooth Smart ( and the MilestonePod ( which are both pod sensors you attach to your shoe.

4. Manual if you need it

For manual we don't track you. You set the speed. It's easy to use - once in the video, just swipe the screen. You can also tap the + / - buttons.

How-To Video

View it on big screen

You can use your iPad screen

If your fitness machine console cannot support your iPad or your iPad tends to bounce around as you exercise, our unique PadGrip iPad holder can help.
Check it out »

However, if you are using your phone or just want a bigger image

RunSocial is designed for it. This means when you connect your Apple device to a TV screen, the screens are not just duplicated; the TV will display your video route and your device will become a control panel.

It's awesome - try it!

Ways to Connect to TV

  1. Connect via HDMI; you’ll need Apple’s HDMI adaptor.
  2. Connect via Apple TV. Please note that performance will depend on the WiFi router
    you use. We recommend Apple’s Airport Extreme.

Run with friends

Invite friends for a run

You can easily set up new run events for you and your friends (private & public).

They can join you from their treadmill using RunSocial or by running outside using RunSocial GPS. We also host some pretty cool public events including even iconic marathons.

To create an event, tap the event icon on the home screen. Create a title and select a route.Schedule a time and date for the event. You can create a public event for anyone to join, or a private session for you and your friends.

Invite your friends using Message, Mail or social media.

How-To Video

Add and Share runs

Sharing a run is a wonderful way to stay connected, especially if they are hundreds or thousands of miles away. So to help you persuade them to join you, we have this wonderful function where you can run against past runs of not just yourself but also your friends.

How it works: in My Runs select one of your past runs and press Add To My Next Run (or just “Add” for iPhone). That past run will now appear as a shadow avatar in your next video run so you can run against yourself.  You can add as many past runs as you like, but they appear only in the next run, not repeatedly.

You can also share this feature with your friends by selecting a past run, tapping Share and following the steps (SMS, email, etc).  If your friend has RunSocial they can tap and your run is immedaitely available to them under Other Runners of My Runs. They can then “Add” your run so it appears as a shadow avatar for them the next time they hit the treadmill.  If they don't yet RunSocial, we’ll guide them through an easy sign up.

How-To Video

RunSocial GPS FOR outside

RunSocial GPS

Search and install the RunSocial GPS app from Apple App Store or Google Play.

Once you’ve created an account and logged in you will be able to view two screens:

  • Map screen which shows your actual location and run plus core run data
  • Live Leaderboard screen which shows the live position (run distance) of other runners, relative to you (your distance), in real time.

More on Live Leaderboard: If someone started running before you (wherever they are in the world), they will appear ahead of you on your RunSocial GPS leaderboard screen. This is because they got a head start, just like they would be ahead of if you were running on the same track but they started before you. If they are not too far ahead and you run faster to try to catch them up.

Runners on your leaderboard that are slower than you will have a red triangle icon and runners that are faster than you will have a green triangle icon.

If you speed up you will see some green triangles (faster than you) suddenly change to red (now slower than you).

RunSocial Events Platform

You can create or sign up to a virtual run events in both RunSocial or RunSocial GPS. If an event is created in RunSocial, those in RunSocial GPS can also sign up. And everyone will see the same countdown clock once signed up.

Everyone Together: We also enable people running indoors to appear on the leaderboard of those running outdoors. Those running outdoors can appear as avatars in the videos of those running indoors.

Please note that GPS signal used for tracking does sometimes have drift so there can be temporary moments of distortion. Also, the live leaderboard function access a live game platform which may sometimes be blocked by office WIFIs (that allow internet but not live game access). It is therefore recommended you log into a run when on your 3G/4G network rather than WIFI.

For more on RunSocial GPS See here »

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