Frequently Asked


What is RunSocial?

RunSocial is a mobile app (iPhone/iPad, Android to follow) that's designed to work with your indoor running work out. RunSocial also includes a range of HD video running routes from around the world.

As you run, you travel through the video routes with your running speed controlling the video speed. RunSocial can track your speed in a variety of ways.

However, these video routes are not just video. They are 3D worlds and when your running them, you are also actually in them. So people from around the world that are doing the same route can see you – represented as an avatar – and you can see them.

With RunSocial, you can run amazing real-world locations and see and run with friends and others inside those locations, live, from your treadmill.

How do I get RunSocial?

RunSocial is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Where can I use it?

RunSocial can work with any treadmill whether in the home, gym or hotel. We can track your speed in different ways with or without extra hardware - see below for more info on tracking your run. We will be adding further exercise activities and outdoor capability. In the meantime, you can always just use manual control if you want to explore routes while on your bike or elliptical.

Can I use RunSocial outside?

For now, RunSocial is designed for indoor running.

Do I need internet?

You can enjoy RunSocial offline or online. You don’t need to be connected to have fun. But it is doubly cool to see runners live. For this you do need internet.

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