What is TreadTracker?

The TreadTracker is RunSocial’s treadmill sensor which can accurately measure any treadmill speed and communicate this in real time to the RunSocial app via Bluetooth.

Can it work with any treadmill?

Yes. It will work with almost any treadmill regardless of age or brand. However, it is important the wheel can access the rotating treadmill surface when TreadTracker is placed under the treadmill. There may be some small home treadmill models which are not compatible with TreadTracker either because the distance from the ground to the underside of the rotating surface is too small (less than 7.5cm) or the underside has a cover that does not allow the TreadTracker access.

Does it need any special fitting?

No. You just place on the ground underneath either from the side or the back of the treadmill so the TreadTracker wheel, when released, can swing up to make light contact with the rotating surface. As long as the wheel contacts the moving treadmill surface you’re good to go.

How does it connect?

TreadTracker uses Bluetooth Low Energy (“BTLE”) which is supported by iPad 3 onwards and iPhone 4s onwards. Because TreadTracker uses BTLE you connect within the RunSocial app, not General Settings.Of course, Bluetooth still needs to be “on” which you do via General Settings.

Can I use it for other Apps?

We would like it to and we are talking to other apps. Do tell them if you’d like it.

Does it have a battery?

Yes - it has an inbuilt rechargeable inbuilt battery. This is recharged via USB or from the mains just like your phone or pad. There is also a hibernation mode to preserve power when not in use. The TreadTracker battery light will glow green if charged, red if it is not charged.


Why did it disconnect?

  1. Battery: it needs to be recharged. You can charge it from the mains or a laptop just like for your phone.
  2. Hibernation: The sensor went into hibernation because the TreadTracker was not being used for a bit. If it is plugged in to a power source this will be two hours. If it is running off the battery this will be 10 minutes. To “wake it up”, rotate sensor wheel (e.g. move the treadmill).
  3. Bluetooth: the iPhone/iPad bluetooth just disconnected. Sometimes it happens especially if your device is bouncing a lot while you run (tip: our PadGrip sleeve can help with this).

We suggest you first simply exit and restart RunSocial. If this does not work we suggest you turned it all off – your iPhone/iPad, TreadTracker, the whole caboodle! Bluetooth is great – but sometimes it just happens.

Why won’t it connect to RunSocial?

  1. Is your device Bluetooth capability switched on? Check in General Settings of your device.
  2. Is your TreadTracker blue light flashing? If not, its either the battery is dead (need to recharge) or it has gone into hibernation. If it is in hiberantion, then to To “wake it up”, rotate sensor wheel (e.g. move the treadmill).

Bluetooth: see previous FAQ question above.

Why does TreadTracker speed not match my treadmill?

  1. Check RunSocial and the treadmill are either both in mph or kmh. To adjust the RunSocial just tap and it will toggle between the two.
  2. For TreadTracker we know the diameter of that wheel and its rotation speed. It’s simple and accurate. Treadmills by contrast are complex, big machines. There are number of reasons for why the speed on the console may not be the actual speed. For example, each time the foot hits the tread it can cause friction / slippage causing the actual speed to mismatch the console speed.

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