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Run With Tim Peake detailed FAQ

We hope the info below should answer most of your questions about how to join up and run these events and what to expect. If you go through this section and do not find an answer to your questions reach out to us at and we’ll get back to you asap.

To sign up you need to follow these steps:

  1. Download the RunSocial iOS app for iPad or iPhone (sorry, Android is not available yet) and open an account. If you already have RunSocial, update to the latest version.
  2. Download the Digital Virgin Money London Marathon route, or the relevant section required for the particular training run (that is specified in the announcement)
  3. Click on one of the sign up links
  4. Be ready and start running with Tim at the event time.

Do I need to pay anything to join these events?

No, you do not need to pay anything to have the full experience of running with Tim Peake in these events. The RunSocial app is free, and RunSocial and the Virgin Money London Marathon have decided to make the entire 26.2-mile route of the Marathon free for all to download and use.

How do Download the RunSocial iOS app for iPad or iPhone?

On your iPad or iPhone, open App Store and search for RunSocial. Tap Get, install, then follow the instructions to open an account.

I already have RunSocial on my device, how do I make sure it is updated to the latest version?

On your device, open App Store, go to the Updates tab and confirm there is not a RunSocial update pending. If you see RunSocial with an "Update" button, tap on it.

How do I download the Digital Virgin Money London Marathon Route?

In the RunSocial app, find the Digital Virgin Money London Marathon image and open it.

You will then see 6 sections of the route, each one 4 miles long (the last section is 6.2 miles). Tap on Download All

Do I need the entire route for the "training runs"?

No, for the initial training runs, you will only need the one relevant section. This will be specified in the announcement.

How large are the files? How much storage will I need?

The course is divided into six sections. The combined file size for the entire route is 1.9 GB for recent devices and 2.9 GB for earlier devices.

One individual section will be approximately 350MB for recent devices and 500MB for earlier devices.

Recent devices include iPhone 5S and above, iPad Air and above, iPad Mini 2 and above, iPod Touch 6th generation and iPad Pro.

Earlier devices supported include iPad 2 to 4, iPhone iPad Mini 1, iPhone 4S-5c, and iPod Touch 5th gen.

You do not have to tell us your device, we will detect that automatically.

Please make sure you use Wi-Fi to download the course to avoid mobile data charges and your iPhone or iPad is well charged.

Please make sure you have enough storage space on your device before you start the download.

How can I check to see how much storage I have on the device?

On the iPhone or iPad, tap on Settings, then General, then About. You will see in the list Capacity and Available and your free storage left on the device.

Why are the files so big?

The Route is a Mixed Reality (our unique blending of HD video and 3D interactive environments) representation of the entire 26.2-mile London Marathon course, recorded in 2014, moments before the elite runners ran the course.

It is real video. We have worked to reduce the file size to allow as many people to access it on mobile devices while still maintaining a great visual experience. But they are large files so it is recommended to have a good Internet connection and use Wi-Fi when downloading.

How long should it take to download the entire route?

Depends on the Internet connection.

Figures compiled by Akamai for its latest State of the Internet report show that average download speeds in the UK now stand at 11.6Mbps. (2015)

At that quoted speed you should be able to download the route (all 6 sections) in about 25 mins. One individual section should take about 10 mins. It could be faster or slower depending on the actual speed of the Internet connection.

How can I know if I have downloaded the entire route?

You will see a small banner mark top right of each section with "Run" and the Download button will now say "Start Run". If you do not see the “run” banner on a particular section that means the section is not yet downloaded.

If you are running on a "training run" requiring only 1 section, then you should see the small "Run" banner on that section.

Can I take part on my Android device?

No, unfortunately currently RunSocial only runs on iOS. We are working to release a version on Android, but that is not expected until later in 2016.

How do I sign up for an event?

You sign up to an event by clicking on one of the links sent out in the media.

One link will send you to the RunSocial website and automatically add the event to your account.

If you are not logged in to your RunSocial account, you will be prompted to do so.

If you do not yet have a RunSocial account, you can open one on the spot. After you open the account you will need to click the event link again.

The second link will only be active on iPhones or iPads. If you tap that link on the iPad with RunSocial already installed, it will automatically add the event to your account.

How can I tell the links apart, how do I know which to use?

Either link will add the event to your account. The iPad link however, will not be active if you are viewing it on other devices (this means you cannot click it even if you tried).

How do I know if the Event was successfully added to my account, if I have now joined?

In the RunSocial app, you will see a timer, counting down to the start of the event.

What do I need to do to start the event?

IMPORTANT:You need to ensure that prior to the event day, you have already downloaded the route used in the event (in this case, the entire Digital Virgin Money London Marathon route).

That’s all. Approximately 30 seconds before the start of the event, the app will automatically launch the Marathon route, and the countdown timer will continue down to zero. During that time, you will not be able to move forward on the digital course, even if you have started running on the treadmill.

When the timer hits zero, the events starts simultaneously for all runners around the world.

I don’t have a Life Fitness treadmill, or the treadmill sensor. How can I control the speed in the app?

You can use the Manual speed control that is actually the default in the app. When you launch a route (or the event starts) swipe your finger left and right on the screen to change speed. You will buttons to fine tune the speed to match your treadmill speed. For automatic real-time tracking of your speed, check out TreadTracker below.

Help! My app is showing KMs but I want Miles! (or vice versa)

During a run tap on the Distance reading lower left of the screen to toggle miles and KM settings for the entire app.

What can I expect during the event?

The initial "training runs" are very much informal "fun runs" and not official races. We will not track and release times or rankings. They are really only to run together with and show support for Tim.

You will be moving through the Digital Virgin Money London Marathon route at the speed that you’ve set and covering the same distance in the route as you cover when running.

On the right side of the screen you will see a small “name tag” for Tim, showing how far ahead or behind he is relative to you.

At the end of the event you should see a popup window telling you that you have completed the distance and your time.

Please ensure you have a fully charged device, and preferably also access to a power cable that will reach the device in case the battery gets low.

If I have to exit the event, can I go back in?

If you exit the run for any reason (take a phone call, battery dies, or the iPad crashes), you can re-join by opening the app again and tapping on the Event thumbnail, but for now you will have to re-start at the beginning of the section. In subsequent events we will allow you to continue where you left off, but that is not possible now. We understand that this could be frustrating, but again for these training sessions we hope to just have fun doing it.

Do I need a Treadmill to take part?

RunSocial is an applications designed for treadmills. We will add GPS tracking in the future so people can run along and in the same virtual space outdoors also, but for now we envisage people running along in the events using a treadmill.

However, technically it is possible to follow along using the manual speed control while not on a treadmill – but that’s not really running of course...

Do I need Internet access?

YES!! IMPORTANT: During the event you need to have a stable connection to the Internet. However it does not have to be broadband or high bandwidth, just stable. Certainly a 3G connection is sufficient.

We estimate 70-80% of the issues users encounter during live events is due to spotty Internet connection.

It is not enough to be connected to a Wi-Fi network (the little Wi-Fi icon on the iPad or iPhone) - you need to make sure that Wi-Fi network is actually connected to the Internet. You can do this by opening Safari and do a Google search.

How does RunSocial work with the treadmill?

There is a lot of information on our website about how RunSocial works and how to set it up on your treadmill.

At its simplest, you can just take your iPad or iPhone, place it on the console of your treadmill, and use Manual speed control to match the treadmill speed in the RunSocial app to your current running speed.

A second option is to use TreadTracker, the world’s first speed tracker that works with any treadmill. It just slips under the treadmill and connects wirelessly to your mobile device, hassle-free. Find out more here:

A third option is to connect to RunSocial compatible Life Fitness treadmills.

Other RunSocial operation How-to’s are here:

You tube How TO channel:


I have signed up for the event but I cannot see the countdown timer

Double check the internet connection on the iPad (for example open Safari and try to search for something online). Then go to the “grid screen” showing many route images and “pull down” until you see the Apple spinning wheel updating the app with the server.

If you still do not see the countdown timer, please find the original sign up links and repeat the event signup process.

What happens if I tap on the Countdown timer?

If you do not have the route downloaded you will get a pop up prompting you to download the route. Please allow sufficient time prior to the event to check.

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