16 Must Have Apps to Up Your Run Game

It was only time before we started to get serious about our health and fitness with the help of exercise-tracking apps. After all, knowledge is power, and without knowing exactly what you’re working with, it can be hard to sustainably level up against yourself (or your friends). With the help of these top fitness apps, your everyday hobby can become a lifelong love affair with self-improvement and goal setting. Here is RunSocial’s round up of the top fitness apps for iPhone!

To help you start running

  • GymBoss Interval Timer — Perfect for switching quickly between running and walking.
  • 5k101 — If you love having community with and accountability towards new endeavors, this app is for you
  • Couch to 5k — A long time favorite of newbie runners, even my Mom figured out how to use this app!
  • MapMyRun — Easy to use and dare we say “fun,” MapMyRun is free and tracks your progress with mapshots over time
  • RunSocial — Hey, that’s us! We’re proud of the app we’ve created to help you combat treadmill boredom. We’re the gateway app to loving to run!

For the serious runner

  • Strava — A handy record of all vital jogging stats, like pace, distance and time.
  • RunKeeper — Integrated with Spotify, Apple Watch, and boasting excellent apps for most wearable devices, this app is popular with good reason.
  • GarminConnect — The only app you need to crush your PB.
  • RunSocial — Turns out we’re a good fit for first-time runners as well as the ultraguys. Thanks to the variety of routes — half marathons, 10k’s, 5k’s and more, whether you love intense, long-distance, or short-distance runs, you’ll be happy as a RunSocial community member.

For heart rate monitoring

For tracking steps

  • Stepz — Learn more about your daily activity and get fit!
  • Walker — Tracks steps, calories burned, and distance with one of the prettiest interfaces you ever did see.
  • Pacer — For those who love social elements integrated into their workouts.

For weight loss

  • MyFitnessPal — Billed as a calorie counter and diet tracker, this might be your all-in-one app for all things fitness.
  • Daily Burn — Because who doesn’t love to feel it?

There are many ways the technology in your pocket (or on your tablet) can bolster your success as a runner. Whether its your first 5k or your 50th, login to apps like RunSocial to see your gains and track improvements on your run journey!