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Prague Digital Marathon

Prague International Marathon and RunSocial have partnered together to develop the first ever Prague Digital Marathon, which is available for download in the RunSocial app. This stunning 26.2 mile route takes you through one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. For more on the video route click here.


The video is wonderful to explore, to use for a general run and for training. Indeed on the 8th May 2016, we had our inaugural Prague Digital Marathon where folk could run 5k or the full 42.2km from any treadmill anywhere. We now have RunSocial GPS opening up the possibility of running it from anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

ESA Astronaut Tim Peake ran in Space!

Tim Peake, a European Space Agency astronaut was Britain's first ever astronaut to go up to the International Space Station where he spent 6 months starting from December 2015. While up there he used RunSocial to train for and run, live, on the big day the full 2016 Digital Virgin Money London Marathon using the treadmill on the Space Station. Follow Tim here: @astro_timpeake

Digital Virgin Money London Marathon

The Virgin Money London Marathon and RunSocial are proud to host the Digital Virgin Money London Marathon. The full video of this ionic event is now available to download exclusively in the RunSocial app. Run the famous course, experience the crowds and set yourself the challenge of running the entire route on your treadmill in one go – or over a period of time. For more on the video route click here.

Adidas: Boost The Nation

Adidas hosted a wonderful event using RunSocial with a number of relay teams in Manchester running together with teams in London including from Runners World and the London Marathon. Each team had 4 runners to complete a 10km video route. Besides seeing the avatars of other teams live inside the video, the live leaderboard was constantly on view as teams jostled for position.

Corporate Relay Events

We regularly host group and corporate events including relays. Individuals and teams can run together in an event from the same venue or located across different cities. It's great fun for the teams and spectators alike. The platform includes countdown clocks to coordinate everyone, there are live leaderboards that can be displayed for all to see and our platform provides accurate tracking for any treadmill. For groups that are interested please contact us at: